May 12, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Carl and the boys outdid themselves again this year for Mother's Day. I was told that I had to stay in bed so that I could have my breakfast delivered, but I was awoken by Jacob insisting that I had to go downstairs because "Dad was burning the sausage," and that he needed help.
Um, ok... "Did he send you up here?"
"Mom, he needs help!"
I am very wary coming down because I know I will get into trouble for peeking, but my fears were gone when I came down and saw Jacob flapping in his excitement. They (Carl) had decorated the kitchen, complete with cards from all and a vase of handmade roses. What a great way to wake up. Plus, the sausage was just right, no horrific burning. Carl told me later that he had indeed sent Jacob up but told Jacob not to let me know that. I am so grateful for my boys, all three of them and their love for me. I am so glad they are mine!

Here are all my cards that I got at various times during the week and the morning of. The heart baskets are from Church and the huge green one with the vase is from Jake at school.

This was my wall "Quote" the bottom says "Daddy, Jacob and Alex, 2009"
It really takes up most of my kitchen wall, so don't let the picture fool you, it is humongous!

Here are my beautiful roses. I love them Carl, thank you so much. They are so much better than real ones, because I can keep them always!

Here is my portrait that I got from Alex during his Mothers Day dinner at school. he also got me a lovely necklace and made me cookies in the school kitchen all by himself!
Jacob, along with his card from school grew some flowers in a planter for me and brought them home on the bus. I will post a photo when the bloom.

May 3, 2009

Our garden

We spent our weekend cleaning out the mess that was our backyard "garden". Seemed the only thing it had grown for the past few years was rocks. So, with Carl, myself, the two boys, 5 bags of topsoil, 4 bags of mulch, 5 bushes and 2 flats of flowers we transformed our rock garden into one that will actually grow something!

The before picture...this was after we had donated half the rocks to our elderly neighbor.

Jake was ready to be a gardener. We helped him plant the bushes and the flowers he picked out. Note my nifty new haircut!

I love this photo. My two boys.

This is how it looked at the end of Saturday. We could NOT do anymore! Gardening makes a body tired!

The final product. We still have a half a flat of flowers left and I think that they will got in the pots we have or in the front. We are glad to be done, but more glad that we did it. We have been staring at those ugly rocks since we moved in here a year and a half ago. Now we actually want to spend time in the backyard!