Feb 28, 2010

Carl's First Talk

Carl got to give his first true talk in Sacrament meeting today. He has been up once to bear his testimony after he first got baptized, but never had done a talk yet.  He did such a wonderful job!  His topic was Forgiveness. He got in quite a few zingers while he was up there and had the whole congregation laughing. My favorite one was when he asked the congregation to pray for the strength to forgive him if he had bored them. Hee hee! Great job Carl!

Feb 23, 2010


In the last post I unfairly stated that the cold bug that has been visiting our family did not like Jacob. It came over for another visit last night to explain that it did indeed like and appreciate Jacob very much. So much in fact, that it came back to visit him in particular. So, I am writing this retraction in the hopes that Jacob will not have to stay home from school again tomorrow and the bug will feel appreciated enough to leave and make it's way to another family. I am also hoping it does not take revenge out on me for besmirching it's character.

Feb 22, 2010

Martian Death Flu

As I am typing this, Alex is in the next room coughing, Carl is coughing laying next to me and I just got done coughing. "The Martian Death Flu" has come to live with us and I just wish it would go away! Alex has been sick since LAST Thursday. Yes, that would be 12 days now! He got a cold from one of his many sources and it turned into a sinus infection and bronchitis.  So now he is on antibiotics. Carl went to the doctor today for what we thought was strep for all the pain it has been causing him. But, it turns out that it is just that same nasty cold, and his sore throat is from all the draining. (sorry, not a nice visual) So, now he is on a nasal spray. Jacob woke up the other morning with a nasty cough, but the cold must have decided he wasn't worth it and left thim that day. I have been hacking in the morning and evening, but my in between times are reletively cough-free which is a blessing because I get to take care of all the sickos! Here is to hoping this cold leaves soon and never comes back!

Feb 21, 2010

Trey's Got Talent!

Trey and his friend participated in a telent show shortly before Christmas. As this is my catching up time since we were so lame, I figured I would start back at the beginning and work our way down.

We were all very proud of Trey and the great job he did! Way to go Trey!

 Notice all the cheerleaders behind them, such studs!

Feb 18, 2010

Student of the Month

Jacob was nominated by his teacher for Student of the Month! Let me tell you, he has been vying for this honor since he was born, and his day finally came. When we went to basketball practice on the 2nd, Carl noticed that Jacob was nominated. His teacher had not let us or him know since she was waiting for it to be announced over the PA in the morning. So Jacob got a huge suprise and let everyone know how thrilled he was by screaming up and down the hall and dragging all his friends out of practice to see and scream with glee some more. Congratulations Jacob!!

Feb 9, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Seems our family may not be in the minority as much as we thought. The radio station did a survey this morning trying to see how terrible snow really is. Seems that over 40% of local Michiganders thought that over 20 inches would be awesome! We at the Bellanger home agree. We felt totally overlooked when that snow storm went right over us and on to Washington. But, today seems to be our lucky day for the most part. Winter Storm warning is in effect for our area and we could see as much as a foot by tomorrow mid-morning! Hooray!!! In honor of this occasion, here are some wintry photos we have taken so far in our measly rationing of winter snow.

Feb 1, 2010

2010 at the Bellangers

Ok, so we have been super lame bloggers...again! Computer went kaput and we got busy.

We did have some fun though, and I do plan on downloading all the photos of it. Here is a general "how's life been" for us just to get caught up.

Carl- Depot, Depot, Depot
Chris- School, School, School
Jake- Scouts, Basketball, School
Alex- Wii, PS2, School

Yes, lame is what you call that! But, we have a goal for 2010 to be a more interesting and fun family. So, bookmark this if you haven't already. There will be many photo's to upload and new experiences to share with all our family and friends!!