Feb 9, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Seems our family may not be in the minority as much as we thought. The radio station did a survey this morning trying to see how terrible snow really is. Seems that over 40% of local Michiganders thought that over 20 inches would be awesome! We at the Bellanger home agree. We felt totally overlooked when that snow storm went right over us and on to Washington. But, today seems to be our lucky day for the most part. Winter Storm warning is in effect for our area and we could see as much as a foot by tomorrow mid-morning! Hooray!!! In honor of this occasion, here are some wintry photos we have taken so far in our measly rationing of winter snow.


Mandy said...

I love the pictures!

J.W.Pace said...

Thank you for the Snow pictures. It is good to see pictures of the kids. It looks like they were having fun in the snow.

Love, Grandma & Grandpa Pace