May 1, 2010

I are a college gradgiate!

Well, it took 5 years to complete a two year degree, but I did it! I am an official college graduate. Yay!! I got my Associates in Liberal Arts...a nice way of saying I learned a whole lot of unrelated things. Just never found anything I wanted to specifically major in there. So, now I get to move on to eastern Michigan University for their Reading degree and if it works out, to Wayne State for a Masters in Library Science. Congratulations me!! : D

More Talent Show Goodness

In addition to the solo act jake did, he also participated in his class act. His teacher Donna made them super cute firefly outfits that had little lights all over them. Here it is, enjoy!

2010 Burger Talent Show

The Burger Talent Show has come and gone for another year. This time was particularly interesting as Carland I did not get to go. We spent the afternoon in the ER, trying to figure out what was wrong with Carl's back. Came home from work a few days earlier saying his back was hurting him, and by Thursday is was completely seized up. Luckily it is just muscular, but unfortunately, Carl has to sit and lay and sit and lay and sit some more. It's getting old fast!

So, since we were not in attendance, Alex was our videographer this year! He went with Jackie (Gram) and Lauren (cousin) and did a fabulous job for someone who is only 7 years old. "I didn't drop the camera at all!"

So, here is Jake "hip-hop" dancing to "Lean Like a Cholo". Enjoy!