Apr 25, 2008

Happy Birthday!!

A very happy birthday to my one true love.

Apr 24, 2008

Workin' 9 to 5

Jacob and Trey got to go to work with Gram and Mandy today. They are there working hard but were able to stop and pose for a picture.

Apr 18, 2008

My Studly Husband

Here is the handiwork of my awesome husband Carl. He took the cabinets that were here out(they were pretty ugly), and replaced them with this lovely shelving arrangement. Looks really nice with the new color! Back off ladies, he's mine!

Apr 17, 2008

This is the last video I have from the Ward Talent show. Here are the boys singing with the rest of the primary. The song is "If the Savior Stood Beside Me". Jacob is on the far right, Alex on the far left. They couldn't make it easy for me could they!? Oh, and the really loud child?...Yeah, that's Jacob!

Apr 15, 2008

Jacob's turn


I was able to get this on to the site via You Tube. Thanks for the tip Francesca!

Apr 14, 2008

Talent Show update

Well folks, seems that downloading the movies on here is going to take some finesse, and some time. So, in the mean time, I wanted to let you all know that the show was fabulous! All the kids did really well. Jake and Alex are going to have swollen heads (especially Jacob, who was born with an ego the size of an elephant) from all the praise they received for their acts. Jacob sang "Tell Me the Stories of Jesus" and Alex of course recited his poem. As a humorous side note, Jacob was the only child that didn't use the microphone that was present on the stage. He came out right in the middle, ignoring the microphone set off to the left of the stage and belted it out like a Broadway star! ha ha. Well, hopefully I will be able to get these videos on soon, because they are just too good to miss.

Apr 11, 2008

Trial run

Well, I have tried valiantly, and have been unable to flip this properly. So, here is Alex, in all his glory practicing for tonights talent show... sideways. Enjoy!

BTW, the poem is by Shel Silverstein, it's called The Deadly Eye. Here is the poem, in case you don't understand him.

It's the deadly eye
Of Poogley-Pie (pronounced Googly by Alex)
Look away, look away,
As you walk by,
'Cause whoever looks right at it
Surely will die.
It's a good thing you didn't...
You did?...

Apr 10, 2008

Circus Day

To celebrate Trey's B-Day, we went to the circus without him! ha ha No really, Jacob had a field trip to the Shrine Circus today. Since Carl had to work, I took Alex with us and let him skip school. It was pretty cool. There were some bad points. They wanted 5 bucks a person to ride on the elephant and I only had $6 on me. I think I have gotten to used to being able to use my debit anywhere! The Ringmaster kept hocking the Shriners "exclusive" lights they wanted an arm and a leg for throughout the show, making me a bit weary. Also, the buses had to be back to school by 1:00 so they could bus other schools in the district and so we had to leave before the show was over. Can I just tell you that when that happened I felt like crying, just like my kids! What a crummy thing! Of course we were grateful to be able to go at all, since we never seem to go do cool things like that. Next time though, I think I'll stick with Barnams!

Here is Alex on the bus. He was pretty excited to be able to ride on one, since he has only done it one other time and was too tiny to remember it. He fell asleep on Jacob's sub on the way home which was pretty funny.

A horrible, yet loved picture of me and Alex on the bus. As you can tell, I have a lot to learn about our new camera!

A view of the setup before the show. Jacob was disappointed that he wasn't able to see the motorcycles go around in the cage of death. (the last act)

Alex to my left...

Jacob to my right...

Happy Birthday Trey!

The Big 10! Hooray Trey!

Ok so I was wrong..

I admit it! I know that I will have to endure the ridicule of those who I spent weeks convincing that "Cantaloupe Slice" would look fantastic in my kitchen. Well, here is how our day went yesterday.

Here is Carl, painting on my beloved orange paint. "Doesn't this look awesome?" we both day to one another...
Hmmmmm...perhaps not.

Give it time to dry...

Ugh, no, this has to go.

One trip to Home Depot, a bucket of prideful tears shed and a few more bucks down the hole, we came home with a blue green concoction that matched the color of our drapes and throw pillows in the living room. Here is Carl covering our shame.

Ah yes, much better. The color is soothing, something the orange could not say. It will also bring the living room and the kitchen together nicely.
Needless to say, I let Carl have the final say in this color. I am done!
Now, on to trims...hooray!

Apr 5, 2008

What fun is a party without a fire alarm?!

A friend from Jacob's school had his birthday party today at McDonalds and the boys were able to go. It was a blast, as any party involving more than 1 Autistic child will be. The boys had a great time in the playplace, and were excited when Jonathon opened their present they picked out (transformer walkie-talkies). But, the real excitement came when I heard the ear piercing shriek of the fire alarm. The emergency door had been opened by none other than Alex. He said that he had wanted to sniff the outside air. *sigh* He was made to apologize, which he did, and was sent to sit down to think about the situation. After about a minute, he looked at me and said, "Mom, this is a lesson for all of us." Ah, the wisdom of 5 year olds! Here are some pictures from the party.

Alex with the birthday boy


Alex in the tubes

Jake enjoying a delicious cheeseburger

How cute is this?

Apr 4, 2008

Jacob's "Insulin Bag"s

The hospital told us that it was important for us to have a container for Jacob's used needles. Although he has no contagious diseases, imagine the poor trash guy if he got stuck by a random needle in the garbage! How would he know, and how worried would he be till he found out he was safe? So, when we got home I started using a Tupperware container. But, it was kinda flimsy and it was see-through (which was another no-no according to the hospital) so we came up with laundry detergent bottles. I have been getting the little concentrated bottles, so this works out great. The label comes off easy and it is small enough to store away. We had Jacob design the bottles to make it seem more personal, and this was what we got:

This one is the first we had. (we're only on our second one so far). The picture is of a guy, more than likely Jacob, who is bleeding all over. This bottle was very graphic because he was not too happy about all this testing! He even included a key for those who questioned what it was all about. The Hazmat symbol is complements of Elder Robins when he was here. The picture used to be clearer, but it rubbed away after repeated use. You can click on the picture to make it bigger, which makes it easier to read his Key.
This is the back of the same bottle. Again, the guy on the top is bleeding out of all his injection sites, so he is a no. The guy on the bottom doesn't have Diabetes, and therefore doesn't have to get shots, so he gets the green check mark of approval!
This is our current bottle. He messed up the top, so I tried to get it off for him the best I could, but a no go. He calls these his Insulin Bags, and he also calls the bag we use to carry the insulin the same thing, so it can be confusing.
Jacob decided that all he wanted was the title on the front, but that I was more than welcome to decorate the back for him. So, I did! :)

Poor Jacob

His room is not quite done yet, so this is mostly to show the color of the room. His will be super sweet when we get it done!

The efforts of our painting

Here are some pictures of Alex's room. How sweet is this room?!?!?!