May 30, 2008

Jacob's first game of the season

This year Jacob gets to play on the Yankee's team. He was very excited about his first game. He only got one up-at bat, but he hit it good and long. He also got to play outfield and catcher. Poor Carl had to work so he only caught the last of the game, but Gram and Gramps came with us to cheer Jake on.

We love this organization. They are very helpful in teaching the kids the basics of the game and to use teamwork instead of everyone running for he same ball. Plus, it is only $20 per season. Good deal I say!!

Jacob as the catcher

Jacob reaching home plate. So gleeful!

Back to the dugout. Good Job Jake!

May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

So, today Carl scheduled himself to have the late shift so we could spend the day together as a family. We had planned to go to the park, have a picnic and then head over to our city's Memorial Day parade with his folks and the boys. Well, we got the park and picnic down, but found out that the parade was YESTERDAY!!! Ugh! When I called the city hall, I didn't bother to ask the date of the parade, only the time. And, when I rechecked the parade in the paper, I again, only bothered to look for a time. Because, who would have a Memorial Day parade...THE DAY BEFORE?!?! *sigh* We need to move...

Well, we hope that the rest of you enjoyed your day. ha ha The kids and I are now off to Carl's folks to have some ribs and potato salad. Yum!

May 18, 2008

Footlong Fever

Tonight was my Pre-birthday birthday party. We BBQed of course, and Jacki brought over some footlong dogs to add to the fun. Here are the boys digging in!

The Washington's got me the piggie partner to my cow (pictures will follow) and a gift card to Wal-mart. Jacki and Carl got me some clothes (yay) and The boys and Carl are going to take me out on Tuesday. Happy Birthday to me!!!

May 16, 2008

Finally got it!

Having a rough start

Jacob has mastered the bike!

Jacob decided that he was ready to try to ride without his training wheels yesterday. This is a huge deal for Jacob because he has NEVER felt comfortable on a bicycle. Even when he had the training wheels. Of course that may have something to do with the fact that they would never stay tight so he was always wobbling. Well, anyway he has done it and we are so proud of him. Here are some photos and I will be getting one the videos asap.

May 12, 2008

Happy Moo-thers Day

I couldn't resist posting a picture of the Washington gang's gift to me this year. How funny is this!? I love it. I have always had a thing for mismatched animals. Whether their legs are too long/short or their nose is way too big, they all make me smile. :) Thanks Mandy and Lauren for picking this one. They did mention that there was a pig as well, so perhaps I can wrangle where they got it out of them and go get his friend? :)

Mothers day was wonderful as always. Carl got the whole breakfast in bed thing taken care of on Saturday since we have to get up so early for church on Sunday's. The boys made gifts at school and scouts that were wonderful and Carl gave me a really pretty necklace. When we got to church Jacob and Alex got up with all the Primary kids and sang Mother's Day songs for the congregation. Of course, Jacob was the loudest by far and the most proud! Everyone (including us) thought it was very cute. They also learned some signs for one of the songs, and one particular part had Alex looking like he was doing a dance move from "Thriller"! ha ha The rest of the day was wonderful. We went to Jacki's for some BBQ courtesy of the men folk. Carl made cake and mac and cheese for the party. All in all a fabulous day!

May 1, 2008

Take me out to the ball game

The boys had their second round of softball practice tonight. Jacob was an animal! He was on every ball he could get to and was really enjoying himself. Alex on the other hand was bored and well, 5 1/2. That should explain it all. But, he was the one who insisted that he be allowed to play this year, so we'll see. Perhaps he'll get into it? Either way, it was only $20 for the entire season, so I am not too worried about it! So, here are some pictures of the boys, and a video I couldn't help taking as an illustration of Alex's entire practice experience.

I love this picture. Doesn't he look like he's shouting a war cry or something?!

yep, this is Alex...scratching, conversing, whatever...