Jan 23, 2008

Carl's been tagged

I've been tagged by Missy

The rules of the game:
• Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
• Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog, as we all want to know them.
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Ok Missy, I know that I am not Carl, but we have been so insanely busy/exhausted that I don't think he will ever get a chance to do this. So, I thought I would attempt to do it for him! ha ha

1. Carl has Gilbert's Disease. This pretty much means that his blood carries too much biliruben, which for moms of newborns, means Jaundice. This really has no direct impact on Carl, I have never known him to have Jaundice, but his eyes are always a bit yellowed. Also, he cannot fast.

2. Carl has mitral-valve prolapse. This is basically just a heart murmur. I used to think this was so cool when we first started dating! I would listen to his chest to hear his heart skip a beat! Guess I thought it was for me! ha ha

3. Carl cannot swim. (neither can I)

4. Carl loves "Fiddler on the Roof".

5. Carl will not eat food with green specks in it. He had a horrible allergic reaction to an anonymous Italian spice and so he avoids all visible spices just to be safe. (can't blame him!)

6. Carl doesn't wear a wedding ring. The one I got him when we got married was too big. We never got it sized and then we lost it. Sigh...Perhaps that is why he gets asked out so much...

7. Carl is very chivalrous, and won't ever let me carry my books at church. He always walks me to Relief Society. And, even when he has his arms full, he asks me if he can carry something in for me from the car. He's an awesome husband and I'm glad he's mine!

We tag:

Francesca and Daniel

Lisa and Aaron

Everyone else we know that has a blog has done it already! ha ha Hope you enjoyed.

Jan 21, 2008

Jacob Update

Well, we are home and learning to adjust to our new lifestyle. We left the hospital on Friday afternoon. Within 3 hours, we already had called the endocrinology nurse for help! We have had a lot of ups and downs these past few days. Our meter would not work for us the first time we went to use it. Seems that you are not supposed to scoop the blood, but just drop the strip into the middle of it. And boy howdy, you better have enough, or it will not let you add more 3 seconds later!
Jacob has been a super hero in our eyes. He has been so good through all of this. It has been more than the shots too, since he cannot eat whenever he wants or have certain foods during off meal times. Pre-Diabetes, Jacobs favorite snack was a bologna sandwich. At 34 carbs, that is double his snack allowance! No juice, only crystal lite for Jake. Diet pop too. (yuck!)
Jacob is doing alright with the shots. After one episode in which I dropped his diet pop in the parking lot and had a "last straw" meltdown, he has been really good about the shots. He was so worried about me crying that he took his blood sugar and shots without any fuss. It was only then that he could asses the situation and realize that the shots don't hurt! This is something we already knew since we had to give them to each other as part of our teaching at the hospital. So now, he tells everyone "The arm doesn't hurt, but the fingers (blood sugar) hurt just a little bit". He actually poked his own finger twice today for the blood sugar test. We are very proud of him!

Jan 17, 2008

A Monkey in the Hospital??

On Wednesday Jacob had a doctors appt with our primary pediatrician. Why? According the Alex: "He pees too much!" We noticed him peeing alot (about 15 times a day lately) and the doctor checked his blood sugar. Apparently his BS was higher than the machine could register.

An hour(ish) later he was checked into Children's Hospital of Michigan. An awesome hospital.

Type 1 Diabetes is what they are saying he has. I would post a bunch of info about what that means but I have no clue. Hopefully he will be home tomorrow along with his poor mother who hasnt left the hospital since we arrived (she did take a shower at the hospital and I brought her up deodorant and new clothes though so shes at least half way normal <-- hygiene wise at least)

She will update more tomorrow night but i thought the picture was so Jacoby that I had to post it.

Jan 3, 2008

Christmas Eve photos

Here are some pictures from out Christmas Eve Fiesta I posted about earlier. We made the banner that is pictured. It is our new hobby! We hung it in the kitchen above the table. If you click on the photo for the larger version, you will note that Carl's wisemen are bringing gifts of Taco Bell to my Baby Jesus. Yo quiero Taco Bell.
Here is a video of the kids just being silly. They were excited because both the elders were taking pictures and videos of them simultaneously. Really, what could be better than that?

Here is some video of Jacob singing his Kelly Clarkson song. Unfortunately it was all taken from behind, so there are only a few shots of his face, but you can DEFINITELY hear him! He plans to sing this for the talent show at his school. Of course he is singing to his favorite audience other than us, the Missionaries. This video is courtesy of them.

Our Snowmen

Here are some pictures (compliments of Elder Tams) of the snowmen we got to make with our new fallen snow. The short fat one was the first born. His clothing was provided by the missionaries. Their Christmas present to us was a snowman kit. Very cute gift, and it will be used often! His name is Firecracker Jack. This is due to the fact that his nose is a stick of lit TNT! The tall skinny one is Jacobs and the animal is supposed to be a snow cat. In all honesty, I made all of these, but I am not given any credit by the boys!