Jan 17, 2008

A Monkey in the Hospital??

On Wednesday Jacob had a doctors appt with our primary pediatrician. Why? According the Alex: "He pees too much!" We noticed him peeing alot (about 15 times a day lately) and the doctor checked his blood sugar. Apparently his BS was higher than the machine could register.

An hour(ish) later he was checked into Children's Hospital of Michigan. An awesome hospital.

Type 1 Diabetes is what they are saying he has. I would post a bunch of info about what that means but I have no clue. Hopefully he will be home tomorrow along with his poor mother who hasnt left the hospital since we arrived (she did take a shower at the hospital and I brought her up deodorant and new clothes though so shes at least half way normal <-- hygiene wise at least)

She will update more tomorrow night but i thought the picture was so Jacoby that I had to post it.


kristi said...

So sorry to hear that, I know that you guys will take good care of him.

Jennjess said...

Poor little guy!! Tell him we love him and hope he feels better. Couldn't have taken him to a better hospital too!! They took wonderful care of Jocelyn there:)