Jan 21, 2008

Jacob Update

Well, we are home and learning to adjust to our new lifestyle. We left the hospital on Friday afternoon. Within 3 hours, we already had called the endocrinology nurse for help! We have had a lot of ups and downs these past few days. Our meter would not work for us the first time we went to use it. Seems that you are not supposed to scoop the blood, but just drop the strip into the middle of it. And boy howdy, you better have enough, or it will not let you add more 3 seconds later!
Jacob has been a super hero in our eyes. He has been so good through all of this. It has been more than the shots too, since he cannot eat whenever he wants or have certain foods during off meal times. Pre-Diabetes, Jacobs favorite snack was a bologna sandwich. At 34 carbs, that is double his snack allowance! No juice, only crystal lite for Jake. Diet pop too. (yuck!)
Jacob is doing alright with the shots. After one episode in which I dropped his diet pop in the parking lot and had a "last straw" meltdown, he has been really good about the shots. He was so worried about me crying that he took his blood sugar and shots without any fuss. It was only then that he could asses the situation and realize that the shots don't hurt! This is something we already knew since we had to give them to each other as part of our teaching at the hospital. So now, he tells everyone "The arm doesn't hurt, but the fingers (blood sugar) hurt just a little bit". He actually poked his own finger twice today for the blood sugar test. We are very proud of him!


kristi said...

Way to go Jacob!!! It is a pretty brave thing to poke your own finger on purpose.

Aaron said...

Well, looks like the little guy is holding in there nice and strong. It always amazes me how well little ones can do in serious situations. Good luck to you guys!!!