Dec 31, 2007

Pre-Christmas Frivolities

I have been hit and is this month in posting. Here is a catch up of all of our pre-Christmas hoopla.

Carl was baptized on the 22nd. It was a wonderful experience and the program went really well. Carl chose me to give the talk, and it all turned out well. Of course it was supposed to be about 5-10 minutes long and it was more like 2, but that was all I could do! The Missionaries in the picture with Carl are Elder Robins in white, then Elder Tams and Elder Francom. We love these guys like they were our own! We are going to be so sad when they have to move to their next district. You can't really tell, but Elder Tams is in this AWESOME pin striped, nearly plastic polyester suit. It was so wicked! He said he got it for like 5 bucks at a store in Detroit. The boy has taste!

On Christmas Eve, we had "Taco Fiesta Night (w/pirogies)!!" We had the missionaries over and that is what was requested. It was so fun, I still laugh thinking about it!! We had FHE (family home evening) together. I picked charades for our activity, so that was crazy. 5 Adults, and 2 kids trying to guess what the other is acting like can't be anything but fun! It got to the point where after our turn, we had to inform the next person what they were going to be doing. That is how I got the privilege of acting like I won the lottery and then how I made Elder Francom be a moose! The fun continues when they come on Wednesday to play a new board game my folks sent called "The Missionary Game". Only Mormons folks...only Mormons...

Dec 30, 2007

Getting ready for the New Year

Unfortunately, our camera is out of batteries, so we have no Christmas pictures to post. Carl and I decided though that instead of stressing out about it, we would just make sure that we took pictures with our mind. :)
Jacob's favorite thing from this Christmas has to be his new microphone that he got from Carl's Mom. It has been banished to his room because it comes with applause, drum roll and laugh track buttons. That is the really annoying part! ha ha This picture isn't the exact same product, but it gives you an idea of what I am facing. yes, his also has a disco ball that lights up!

Alex is loving the Parts books he got from Aunt Jenny, Uncle Rob, Jocelyn and Delia. He has me read them to him at least once a day and I have to admit, I catch myself reading them without him. They are super silly fun. They are by Tedd Arnold, and we highly recommend them. I will admit though that the first is the best, the second is good and the last is alright, but not super.

We are digging our new Bookshelves that we got from Carl's Mom. We got two of these, so I have been busy this evening putting all my hundreds of books on them. I have a lot according to Mandy who, while she was moving them, commented to me that she "hates me and my books!". Of course they weren't just "books" as I typed, but I won't expound further due to the delicate natures of some of my readers. :)

Dec 18, 2007

Wow, it's been a while!

Hello all! It has been a really long time since I posted something. Let's is finally over for me. I have passed all my classes, but I am not sure of a final grade yet. I am glad to be done since there is so much to be done. Christmas is coming, and I still have TON of boxes to unpack. It is also nice to be able to read something non-school related and not feel guilty!

The first big snowfall came day before yesterday. I really wanted to take some pictures to post on here, but my camera was out of batteries, and the others are still packed! ha ha We got about 7 inches. The kids loved it. They got to stay home from school yesterday, so all he boys and Lauren were out playing in it for a good part of the day. Poor Jacob took a snowball right in the face from one of the older neighborhood boys, so he was not too happy about that at all. We had a hard time convincing him to go back out later!

I guess out biggest news is that Carl is getting baptized! It will be on Saturday, and we are both really nervous! I am going to be giving one of the talks, so I have been trying to work on that this week as well. The missionaries have been over quite a bit getting uus both prepared, and also just having some good old fun! We love having them over, and the boys think that they are the coolest guys ever! Soon, I hope to get some of the pictures they have on their cameras posted on here. They have an awesome video of Jacob singing his Talent Show song, so stay tuned for that in the future!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Dec 5, 2007

Scarlet fever recall...

Well, after a fantastic blessing by the Missionaries, and a trip to the doctor for confirmation, we are now scarlet fever free! Doctor says that the rash they had couldn't have been scarlet fever, because it just doesn't disappear that way. But Carl and I know after going through it so many times, that it was indeed the fever and we had ourselves a miracle. Of course the boys are still sick with a sore throat, and have been home from school, (today being day 3...ugh...) but we are grateful that they don't have to go through the fever anymore. It is so not fun!

Dec 2, 2007

What's wrong now? Scarlet Fever...

As the tittle of our blog suggests, it seems our family is blessed with many trials and tribulations. This time it is Scarlet Fever. This is unfortunately nothing new for us. The boys seem to get a case of it every year for the past 3 years or so. I know that many of you are questioning if we somehow traveled back to the 19th century, but this is not the case. I guess Scarlet fever is caused by the same bug as strep throat. So, it seems to be a case of strep gone ugly.
Our first victim is Alex. He has been fighting a fever and a sore throat all weekend. The rash that is the sure tell symptom showed up this afternoon. And this evening as I was putting Jacob to bed, I asked him about his throat. He said it hurt, and low and behold, he has a low grade fever. Hooray!! Wish us luck as we quarantine ourselves. Luckily adults rarely get Scarlet fever, but it is extremely contagious to other children.

Here is some more information for anyone interested. Click

Dec 1, 2007

Taco Contest

Tonight we had a "taco contest". This, as anyone who knows my family will confirm, was all Jacob driven . He came up with this idea about a week and a half ago. He decided that we needed to have a contest to figure out whose soft tacos were more delicious, mine or Taco Bell's. It was decided that this grand event would take place on the 1st of December. Behold the results.

As you can see by the last photo, my children are traitors!! Taco Bell won 2 to 1. (Carl is not a big Mexican food person, so he conducted the secret balloting) Of course, as they say, the proof is in the pudding. When both left the table, the taco that was left on their plates was not mine, but the winners. Carl suggested that if I had better advertising and wrappers, I might have won, and I believe him! Just goes to show that if you want to win a campaign, advertising is essential!

Nov 24, 2007

We are moved!!!

Hey everyone, we are finally 99% moved. There are still some boxes in the basement that have holiday things, but that's ok. So we are here, and can't really move for all of our stuff. As Carl says, our entire life is in a box! At least we got all the kitchen unpacked so we can eat! The boys did well in their own rooms last night. Pretty funny watching them, because their top complaint they had against the other in the green house was that each wanted to watch something different on the TV at night. Well, last night they each sat in their own room, watching the same show! And, if one would change, the other would run in about 5 minutes later, see the change, decide that they too wanted to watch said program and go change their TV to the same thing... so silly!

Nov 18, 2007


Goodbye Green House! We got our call from Westwick and they want us to move in on Wednesday. Pretty short notice, but at least we were mostly all packed. We'll keep you updated on the events of the move as we survive them!
Here are the pictures. I had a lot more, but there were so many with customers, I was afraid to post them.
Here is part of the mural that is painted inside.
More of the mural.
This is an awesome clapboard shack that used to reside in my brothers basement in a million pieces! Bet they are happy to get that put up in the restaurant!
This is my awesome Brother and some of his employees I believe.

Nov 15, 2007

Gator Jack's is open!!

My Brother's restaurant is open! I am going to try to upload the pictures in the morning, since the website hates me!

Nov 11, 2007

Saying goodbye to the swingset

Nobody said moving was easy. Especially when you are 8 and 5. Since we are moving to a condominium, we are not able to take our swing set with us. This was not met with enthusiasm from the boys. In fact, there were enormous genuine tears! Carl and I in out adult minds thought that the boys would realize that it was not coming with us. We are dumb like that! So, the morning came that my friend Francesca was going to come claim it as her own, and I was met by tears and anger. Realizing too late that we should have warned them about this sooner, we tried to make up by getting some shots of them with the swing set. In the end, they decided that to let another child have it was better than it going in the garbage, but I think that they are still under the impression that we are terrible parents and that their slide/swings could SO fit into our 10X10 backyard! So ,here are the shots of them saying goodbye, and us just being silly.

Nov 7, 2007

Westwick here we come!!

It is official. We have been accepted into Westwick and will be moving asap. We are sad to leave our house, but we know that under the circumstances, this is the best options for us. We are excited to join our many friends who already live here! I will keep you posted on dates and events pertaining to our move.

How could I NOT post this?!

We were in the car on the way home from taking our shots of Westwick when Alex took this lovely shot of himself. What can I say...the boy has talent! Note his use of lines as he includes the shoulder belt in the shot...pure genius!

Scouting 101

Jacob has become and official Cub Scout! His first pack meet was tonight. He was very excited to go and it seemed like he had a great time. This is a ward thing, so he knows a lot of the kids (some are from the Canton Ward). I think that this will be a great thing for him. He is already trying to figure out how he can get 4 badges! I will keep everyone posted about his accomplishments!

Nov 6, 2007

It's Apple Picking TIme!!

My sister-in-law sent me this one. Good times man! I got a 73 and I am sure I will get better the more I try.

Can you get 50% in the pail ?
Let's go, it's Apple pickin' time!
This will keep you busy for a while....

Nov 4, 2007

Happy Birthday Jacob!!

Jacob turned 8 years old today! Whew, time flies! I feel so old....

He had an awesome party yesterday. We took Lauren and Trey with us to go see the Bee Movie. Pretty funny stuff!

Then we went over to Aunt Mandy's house (since ours is in the process of being packed) to open presents and have cake. Jacob got a bunch of wonderful presents and I have pictures of it all, just not in my possession right now. I will post them tomorrow.

Nov 1, 2007

Check out these creepy ghouls

My father in-law Carl is the one in the Elvis hair

Lauren is one hot babe!

Wig anyone?

Jacki got this wig for 50 cents. I think it was worth it! Funny thing is, it was supposed to be a Dracula wig...Dracula takes on 1972?

Oct 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

Here is the first, of my soon to be many, Halloween Posts.

Oct 30, 2007

The boys carved their pumpkins tonight after they got back from Alex's Halloween Festival. Here are some pictures of their work!

Here is Jacob showing off his work. He drew an even smaller face than this one the first time, and Mom had to veto it. We can only carve so small!
This is Alex's pumpkin. I could not post the picture of him with it because he did his carving in his underwear. Note the naked arms and legs...

Here are their works together. You can see Alex's leg in the background as more proof of his indecency.

As a side note, the carnival was pretty lame. Too many kids and not enough to do. Also we had to pay a buck each to get in and pay to enter the raffle. Sigh. Well, I can't complain because we won 4 free games of bowling and 4 books in the raffle! WooHoo!! SCORE!

Gator Jack's Sandwich Shack

My awesome Brother is opening his own restaurant! We are so proud of him and all his hard work. So, for all of you that are in Idaho or are moving there, stop on by! Here is a copy of his menu:

(Sorry, a bit hard to read. Click on the picture for a larger view)

Oct 29, 2007

THIS IS ADDICTING!!!: Halloween Hangman

Make sure you turn on your speakers! The boys like it best when they DON'T guess the word. Pretty fun and silly!

Oct 28, 2007

Alex's Tooth

Well folks, seems that my baby is growing up. Alex lost his first tooth today during closing exercises in Primary! His tooth came home in a tithing envelope! ha Here he is with his toothless grin. You'll have to excuse poor Jacob's looks. He has a bit of a cold.

Additionally, both the boys participated in the annual Primary Program during Sacrament Meeting. Poor Jacob was a sight, sniffing and looking half dead. But he sang loud and read his part very well. Alex memorized the line he had to give, which was awesome. The funny thing was that when it was time for him to get down from the microphone, he stayed there. Guess he was waiting for some applause! ha Senta had to prompt him off the stage! :) Senta, who is our Primary President, along with her counselors, teachers, chorister and pianist, deserve the real round of applause! Great Job guys! You made our kids look awesome!!