Nov 11, 2007

Saying goodbye to the swingset

Nobody said moving was easy. Especially when you are 8 and 5. Since we are moving to a condominium, we are not able to take our swing set with us. This was not met with enthusiasm from the boys. In fact, there were enormous genuine tears! Carl and I in out adult minds thought that the boys would realize that it was not coming with us. We are dumb like that! So, the morning came that my friend Francesca was going to come claim it as her own, and I was met by tears and anger. Realizing too late that we should have warned them about this sooner, we tried to make up by getting some shots of them with the swing set. In the end, they decided that to let another child have it was better than it going in the garbage, but I think that they are still under the impression that we are terrible parents and that their slide/swings could SO fit into our 10X10 backyard! So ,here are the shots of them saying goodbye, and us just being silly.

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Mandy said...

Oh no!!! What happened to Alex's arms?! :)

That's ok guys...I'll take you to the park when you want to, k? :)