Nov 4, 2007

Happy Birthday Jacob!!

Jacob turned 8 years old today! Whew, time flies! I feel so old....

He had an awesome party yesterday. We took Lauren and Trey with us to go see the Bee Movie. Pretty funny stuff!

Then we went over to Aunt Mandy's house (since ours is in the process of being packed) to open presents and have cake. Jacob got a bunch of wonderful presents and I have pictures of it all, just not in my possession right now. I will post them tomorrow.


Jennjess said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACOB!!!! Hope you like your presents!!!! We saw the Bee movie yesterday and it was hilarious!!!!

J.W.Pace said...

Happy Birthday Jacob

8 years old.....You are getting pretty old.

We are happy you had a good birthday.

We hear the Bee movie is very good.
Love grandma & grandpa Pace