Nov 24, 2007

We are moved!!!

Hey everyone, we are finally 99% moved. There are still some boxes in the basement that have holiday things, but that's ok. So we are here, and can't really move for all of our stuff. As Carl says, our entire life is in a box! At least we got all the kitchen unpacked so we can eat! The boys did well in their own rooms last night. Pretty funny watching them, because their top complaint they had against the other in the green house was that each wanted to watch something different on the TV at night. Well, last night they each sat in their own room, watching the same show! And, if one would change, the other would run in about 5 minutes later, see the change, decide that they too wanted to watch said program and go change their TV to the same thing... so silly!


J.W.Pace said...

Huraaaaa! you did it...a new house.

We wish you the best in your new house.

Thank you for the pictures you sent us of your new house....very nice.

Love Mom & dad

Jennjess said...

Congrats!!!! Have fun unpacking all those boxes!! It's better than packing them all up:)