Dec 1, 2007

Taco Contest

Tonight we had a "taco contest". This, as anyone who knows my family will confirm, was all Jacob driven . He came up with this idea about a week and a half ago. He decided that we needed to have a contest to figure out whose soft tacos were more delicious, mine or Taco Bell's. It was decided that this grand event would take place on the 1st of December. Behold the results.

As you can see by the last photo, my children are traitors!! Taco Bell won 2 to 1. (Carl is not a big Mexican food person, so he conducted the secret balloting) Of course, as they say, the proof is in the pudding. When both left the table, the taco that was left on their plates was not mine, but the winners. Carl suggested that if I had better advertising and wrappers, I might have won, and I believe him! Just goes to show that if you want to win a campaign, advertising is essential!

1 comment:

Jennjess said...

Nice.... You'll have to send me one of each so I can judge!! *L*