Dec 31, 2007

Pre-Christmas Frivolities

I have been hit and is this month in posting. Here is a catch up of all of our pre-Christmas hoopla.

Carl was baptized on the 22nd. It was a wonderful experience and the program went really well. Carl chose me to give the talk, and it all turned out well. Of course it was supposed to be about 5-10 minutes long and it was more like 2, but that was all I could do! The Missionaries in the picture with Carl are Elder Robins in white, then Elder Tams and Elder Francom. We love these guys like they were our own! We are going to be so sad when they have to move to their next district. You can't really tell, but Elder Tams is in this AWESOME pin striped, nearly plastic polyester suit. It was so wicked! He said he got it for like 5 bucks at a store in Detroit. The boy has taste!

On Christmas Eve, we had "Taco Fiesta Night (w/pirogies)!!" We had the missionaries over and that is what was requested. It was so fun, I still laugh thinking about it!! We had FHE (family home evening) together. I picked charades for our activity, so that was crazy. 5 Adults, and 2 kids trying to guess what the other is acting like can't be anything but fun! It got to the point where after our turn, we had to inform the next person what they were going to be doing. That is how I got the privilege of acting like I won the lottery and then how I made Elder Francom be a moose! The fun continues when they come on Wednesday to play a new board game my folks sent called "The Missionary Game". Only Mormons folks...only Mormons...

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