Dec 30, 2007

Getting ready for the New Year

Unfortunately, our camera is out of batteries, so we have no Christmas pictures to post. Carl and I decided though that instead of stressing out about it, we would just make sure that we took pictures with our mind. :)
Jacob's favorite thing from this Christmas has to be his new microphone that he got from Carl's Mom. It has been banished to his room because it comes with applause, drum roll and laugh track buttons. That is the really annoying part! ha ha This picture isn't the exact same product, but it gives you an idea of what I am facing. yes, his also has a disco ball that lights up!

Alex is loving the Parts books he got from Aunt Jenny, Uncle Rob, Jocelyn and Delia. He has me read them to him at least once a day and I have to admit, I catch myself reading them without him. They are super silly fun. They are by Tedd Arnold, and we highly recommend them. I will admit though that the first is the best, the second is good and the last is alright, but not super.

We are digging our new Bookshelves that we got from Carl's Mom. We got two of these, so I have been busy this evening putting all my hundreds of books on them. I have a lot according to Mandy who, while she was moving them, commented to me that she "hates me and my books!". Of course they weren't just "books" as I typed, but I won't expound further due to the delicate natures of some of my readers. :)


Jennjess said...

I'm very happy to hear you enjoy the books... Tedd Arnold is a favorite in our house, he has several more, Fly Guy and his sequals are cute. Hope you had a great christmas!! And have a wonderful New Year... miss you & love you all!!!!

Mandy said...

C' have like 99 gabillion books! And they're heavy! I don't hate you and reading is fundamental...I just don't wanna move them again! :)