Dec 2, 2007

What's wrong now? Scarlet Fever...

As the tittle of our blog suggests, it seems our family is blessed with many trials and tribulations. This time it is Scarlet Fever. This is unfortunately nothing new for us. The boys seem to get a case of it every year for the past 3 years or so. I know that many of you are questioning if we somehow traveled back to the 19th century, but this is not the case. I guess Scarlet fever is caused by the same bug as strep throat. So, it seems to be a case of strep gone ugly.
Our first victim is Alex. He has been fighting a fever and a sore throat all weekend. The rash that is the sure tell symptom showed up this afternoon. And this evening as I was putting Jacob to bed, I asked him about his throat. He said it hurt, and low and behold, he has a low grade fever. Hooray!! Wish us luck as we quarantine ourselves. Luckily adults rarely get Scarlet fever, but it is extremely contagious to other children.

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Jennjess said...

You guy's are just weird!! *LOL* I get strep throat every year so I am just waiting for my trip to the dr.:) Good luck and get everyone unsick:) Maybe it was the tacos??