Oct 28, 2007

Alex's Tooth

Well folks, seems that my baby is growing up. Alex lost his first tooth today during closing exercises in Primary! His tooth came home in a tithing envelope! ha Here he is with his toothless grin. You'll have to excuse poor Jacob's looks. He has a bit of a cold.

Additionally, both the boys participated in the annual Primary Program during Sacrament Meeting. Poor Jacob was a sight, sniffing and looking half dead. But he sang loud and read his part very well. Alex memorized the line he had to give, which was awesome. The funny thing was that when it was time for him to get down from the microphone, he stayed there. Guess he was waiting for some applause! ha Senta had to prompt him off the stage! :) Senta, who is our Primary President, along with her counselors, teachers, chorister and pianist, deserve the real round of applause! Great Job guys! You made our kids look awesome!!


Mandy said...

LOVE the pictures!! What a goof!!

Jennjess said...

Congrats Alex!!!!