Oct 26, 2007

Trunk or Treat

Last night was the Ward's Trunk or Treat night. The boys had a good time. We took Trey along with us to share in the fun. Jake was in his awesome Jedi Knight costume I made, Alex sported his Lion costume from a few years ago since masks weren't allowed. (he is going to be a ghost which is in essence, a huge mask) Trey came as a vampire since he couldn't wear his creepy mask either. There were games and loads of treats. I decorated up the trunk of my Escort with Halloween lights and pumpkins.
Unfortunately Carl wasn't able to go since he had to work. Of course, this meant that the kids had to go one the trunk or treat walk alone. No biggie right? Well, leave it to my boys to make things difficult. All the kids passed by as I was giving out the candy from my trunk. No boys. Then, everyone had so much candy that the kids went through again. Still no boys. Then the kids are all coming though for a third time. By now, I am not so much worried about their safety as I am about what are they doing that is keeping them so occupied. So, I send my awesome friend Francesca after them, and they are soon recovered. Seems that Jacob had to go to the bathroom, so he left his bag with his brother. Alex wanders off, taking the bags and eventually losing them. Jake comes out, looking for his brother and his bag to no avail. So, he trunk or treated with my candy bowl. Alex it seems was running around in the gym without a care in the world. Where was Trey all this time you ask? Getting as much candy as was humanly possible with Jack (Senta's boy). Boys...sigh...they make me tired...

Jacob got his picture taken, and as soon as I get it I will post it on here. I am really proud of this costume. Took me a lot of energy, but it came out super nice. And, since the pattern was for a mens XS he will be able to wear it for a few years.

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kristi said...

Sounds like fun, wish that we could have been there.