Oct 30, 2007

The boys carved their pumpkins tonight after they got back from Alex's Halloween Festival. Here are some pictures of their work!

Here is Jacob showing off his work. He drew an even smaller face than this one the first time, and Mom had to veto it. We can only carve so small!
This is Alex's pumpkin. I could not post the picture of him with it because he did his carving in his underwear. Note the naked arms and legs...

Here are their works together. You can see Alex's leg in the background as more proof of his indecency.

As a side note, the carnival was pretty lame. Too many kids and not enough to do. Also we had to pay a buck each to get in and pay to enter the raffle. Sigh. Well, I can't complain because we won 4 free games of bowling and 4 books in the raffle! WooHoo!! SCORE!

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