Oct 3, 2007

A note about the car in the last post.

I couldn't not post about this awesome car!! If memory serves me, (and Dad, feel free to comment about this), my Father pimped this awesome ride by himself! He did the paint job, the body work, and refitted it with new door handles. Ok, they weren't really handles. If you can tell from the picture, there aren't any handles at all! There was a button on the bottom of the door that you could push with your foot that would release the door for you. Isn't that sweet?! My Dad has hundreds of stories of working on cars like this, even one's owned by the elite of Hollywood when his Dad owned a shop in California.

Also, I believe this was the car that would get jammed on the passenger door, making it downright impossible to open from the inside. You can see how having a passenger door that wouldn't open, and a smoking hot girl like my Mom inside could cause quite a bit of ruffled feathers! ha ha

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