Oct 25, 2007

Gecko omelet anyone?

I have a few friends from Idaho I keep in contact with. Some, even their parents. Such is the case here. The Macbeth's are a wonderful couple and the parents of one of my good friends from High School and the Ward. Recently they took up residence in the Samoa! Dave works as a counselor at a school for troubled boys. Brenda works there as well, and was sending these photos out to the parents of the kids (some very far from home indeed!) I thought you all would get as much of a kick out of these as I did. Who of us will ever see this in our house?! Here are the photos described in Brenda's own words:

"I have included photos of some gecko eggs we found a couple of days ago. I was pretty amazed when I first saw one, as were most of the boys, although the Samoan staff look as us as if we are rather strange to be so excited about something so common (to them) as gecko eggs. :)
We found one in a filing cabinet and then the very next day found four more. Some of the boys want to keep one in their apartments so they can, hopefully, watch it hatch. That's my wish too!

They are facinating little creatures and voracious insect eaters so they are desirable to have around. They make a very loud sound (day and night) for such small creatures; they sound quite a lot like a bird chirping loudly. For quite some time after we moved here my husband insisted the sound we heard regularly was a bird (at the time, his favorite bird call); I told him I knew it was a gecko because I had watched one as it made the sound! We couldn't come to an
agreement (he simply couldn't believe such a little reptile could make such a big sound) until he finally had personal proof, so whenever we heard the sound we would say, "There's that gecko bird again!!" I love the little creatures and even like them in my house.

I am including a couple of older shots of geckos that you might enjoy looking at if you don't live in an environment where they are found. The first [two] are babies and the last photo is an adult about 3-4 inches long."


Mandy said...

Haha...they look like breath mints. Tic tac anyone?! :)

kristi said...

We have had little lizards like those run into our apartment. I however, do not like them there.

Jennjess said...