Oct 5, 2007

Happy Belated Birthday to my 5 year old!

Fun was had by all at Alex's birthday party last night. Carl's parents Jacki and Carl, his sister Mandy, Franchot, their kids Lauren and Trey, and the Hills Jack, Nolan and Lucas (poor Zoey had dance and missed out on the fun) were all in attendance. Of course all of this fun came in addition to the party he had at school. Believe me, neither of them got to sleep very easily after all the sugar! Here is a small sampling of the fun.

We got Alex a "piranha" for his party. This is what he said he wanted. Only after a few seconds of his explaining that you hit the piranha with a stick did we get what he was talking about. WE were able to get everyone a turn before it died, but poor Lauren only got one hit after her brother maimed it.
The Birthday Boy and Grandma
The Pinata King
Alex and Aunt Mandy
The kids scrounging for the good candy. Poor Lucas wasn't happy that there were chocolate balls that looked like eyeballs. Mandy put one in his bag and he flung it out horrified!
(From left to right: Jack, Alex, Lauren, Lucas, Nolan, Jake, Trey)
This is our awesome creation. Carl and I worked on this one for quite a while. Of course, the sugar, on top of frosting, on top of cake was a little much for the adults present, but the kids digged it! ha ha
What party is complete without Pin the Tail on the Donkey?! We ALL played, all 13 of us, adults included. Few of use were able to get it on target, let alone anywhere close to the butt!
It was a really nice night, so luckily the kids were all able to play outside for a while. The younger boys all played on the swing set and with their punch balls while the older kids and I played soccer.
The birthday boy getting his gifts. Everyone was really generous. Here he is opening the one from Gram and Papa. It is a set of 3 Pokemon action figures. all in all, he got 2 of those, a magnetic dart set, a stuffed animal, Spyro video game, TMNT the movie, a batman utility belt, an RC jeep and a laptop interactive computer. (thanks for that one Aunt Jenny! He loves it!!)
Everyone posing with their loot with Gramps. Except Jacob...who knows where he went!!


Mandy said...

Jake was probably off to the side, scrounging for more chocolate eyeballs! The party was fun!! Happy Birthday Alex :)

kristi said...

Happy Birthday Alex!!! Your party looked great, Bradyn would have loved it.

Jennjess said...

I'm glad he likes his computer, Uncle Rob had a hand in that! *L* I missed a fun party, look's like ya'll had a blast. And yes, I can taste the cake from the picture, toooo sweet! *LOL*

kiki said...

The pictures are great!