May 1, 2008

Take me out to the ball game

The boys had their second round of softball practice tonight. Jacob was an animal! He was on every ball he could get to and was really enjoying himself. Alex on the other hand was bored and well, 5 1/2. That should explain it all. But, he was the one who insisted that he be allowed to play this year, so we'll see. Perhaps he'll get into it? Either way, it was only $20 for the entire season, so I am not too worried about it! So, here are some pictures of the boys, and a video I couldn't help taking as an illustration of Alex's entire practice experience.

I love this picture. Doesn't he look like he's shouting a war cry or something?!

yep, this is Alex...scratching, conversing, whatever...


Jennjess said...

Too frickin' hilarious! What's up with Al and his butt?? I wish Jocelyn would pick things that cost $20 for the whole season!! Her horse lessons are $25 a lesson!! No wonder I'm always broke! *L*

Christina said...

I have no idea!! I thin he was trying different poses or something. Perhaps like "I could catch the ball like this, or this..." Also, did you note the look of disdain the boy behind him is wearing when he is watching Alex?! ha ha He is the coaches son, so I guess that should explain it all.