May 18, 2008

Footlong Fever

Tonight was my Pre-birthday birthday party. We BBQed of course, and Jacki brought over some footlong dogs to add to the fun. Here are the boys digging in!

The Washington's got me the piggie partner to my cow (pictures will follow) and a gift card to Wal-mart. Jacki and Carl got me some clothes (yay) and The boys and Carl are going to take me out on Tuesday. Happy Birthday to me!!!


J.W.Pace said...

That sure is some big Hot dogs....the boys are eating.

Happy Birthday Christina; before your birthday...Ha!

Mom & dad have a box coming for your birthday. We are shipping it off it will be a little late. Mom keep finding something new to put it the box. The box is now sealed ready to ship. You will have a lot of good stuff.

Love mom & dad

Missy said...

Happy Birthday Christina!! I am guessing if your "boys" are taking you out on Tuesday that is the actual day. Hope it is a great one!!

kiki said...

I want to see a picture of you