Apr 5, 2008

What fun is a party without a fire alarm?!

A friend from Jacob's school had his birthday party today at McDonalds and the boys were able to go. It was a blast, as any party involving more than 1 Autistic child will be. The boys had a great time in the playplace, and were excited when Jonathon opened their present they picked out (transformer walkie-talkies). But, the real excitement came when I heard the ear piercing shriek of the fire alarm. The emergency door had been opened by none other than Alex. He said that he had wanted to sniff the outside air. *sigh* He was made to apologize, which he did, and was sent to sit down to think about the situation. After about a minute, he looked at me and said, "Mom, this is a lesson for all of us." Ah, the wisdom of 5 year olds! Here are some pictures from the party.

Alex with the birthday boy


Alex in the tubes

Jake enjoying a delicious cheeseburger

How cute is this?

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Jennjess said...

Nice hat Jake, and Alex just looks like to much of a sweety pie angel baby to be sassy:)