Apr 4, 2008

Jacob's "Insulin Bag"s

The hospital told us that it was important for us to have a container for Jacob's used needles. Although he has no contagious diseases, imagine the poor trash guy if he got stuck by a random needle in the garbage! How would he know, and how worried would he be till he found out he was safe? So, when we got home I started using a Tupperware container. But, it was kinda flimsy and it was see-through (which was another no-no according to the hospital) so we came up with laundry detergent bottles. I have been getting the little concentrated bottles, so this works out great. The label comes off easy and it is small enough to store away. We had Jacob design the bottles to make it seem more personal, and this was what we got:

This one is the first we had. (we're only on our second one so far). The picture is of a guy, more than likely Jacob, who is bleeding all over. This bottle was very graphic because he was not too happy about all this testing! He even included a key for those who questioned what it was all about. The Hazmat symbol is complements of Elder Robins when he was here. The picture used to be clearer, but it rubbed away after repeated use. You can click on the picture to make it bigger, which makes it easier to read his Key.
This is the back of the same bottle. Again, the guy on the top is bleeding out of all his injection sites, so he is a no. The guy on the bottom doesn't have Diabetes, and therefore doesn't have to get shots, so he gets the green check mark of approval!
This is our current bottle. He messed up the top, so I tried to get it off for him the best I could, but a no go. He calls these his Insulin Bags, and he also calls the bag we use to carry the insulin the same thing, so it can be confusing.
Jacob decided that all he wanted was the title on the front, but that I was more than welcome to decorate the back for him. So, I did! :)


Zololkis said...
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Jennjess said...

Beautiful job Christina... *L*