Apr 10, 2008

Ok so I was wrong..

I admit it! I know that I will have to endure the ridicule of those who I spent weeks convincing that "Cantaloupe Slice" would look fantastic in my kitchen. Well, here is how our day went yesterday.

Here is Carl, painting on my beloved orange paint. "Doesn't this look awesome?" we both day to one another...
Hmmmmm...perhaps not.

Give it time to dry...

Ugh, no, this has to go.

One trip to Home Depot, a bucket of prideful tears shed and a few more bucks down the hole, we came home with a blue green concoction that matched the color of our drapes and throw pillows in the living room. Here is Carl covering our shame.

Ah yes, much better. The color is soothing, something the orange could not say. It will also bring the living room and the kitchen together nicely.
Needless to say, I let Carl have the final say in this color. I am done!
Now, on to trims...hooray!


Jennjess said...

You went from cantelope to honey dew? *L* I must say the first one was pretty extreme, I do however like the new color alot. Regina still wins in the ugly kitchen category, she painted hers schoolbus yellow with burgundy trim. AUGH!!!! It was disgusting!!

Christina said...

Ha ha. You know what is funny? We were thinking of doing the legs on out table honeydew color, just to make it a fruit room. We are insane! (but not as much as gene...)

kristi said...

I really like that second color, very pretty!!!