Apr 18, 2008

My Studly Husband

Here is the handiwork of my awesome husband Carl. He took the cabinets that were here out(they were pretty ugly), and replaced them with this lovely shelving arrangement. Looks really nice with the new color! Back off ladies, he's mine!


J.W.Pace said...

Very nice job... I am proud of Carl. I also like the color of your kitchen.
Carl is becoming the handy man.

Love dad

The Bitner Family said...

I love those shelves. Really cute! You are so organized!

I wish my husband knew a thing or two about hanging shelves. Maybe Carl could teach him some time.

Mouse e Teclado said...

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Missy said...

Christina, I got a freaky comment on one of my blogs too!! I deleted the comment and am deciding if I should go private or not. It read pretty much like that one, but a different site. It was basically spam!

Christina said...

Missy, I have been getting a lot too, but they are like, "click here". Um, no thank you! This one seems harmless though, just a blog about software.