Apr 10, 2008

Circus Day

To celebrate Trey's B-Day, we went to the circus without him! ha ha No really, Jacob had a field trip to the Shrine Circus today. Since Carl had to work, I took Alex with us and let him skip school. It was pretty cool. There were some bad points. They wanted 5 bucks a person to ride on the elephant and I only had $6 on me. I think I have gotten to used to being able to use my debit anywhere! The Ringmaster kept hocking the Shriners "exclusive" lights they wanted an arm and a leg for throughout the show, making me a bit weary. Also, the buses had to be back to school by 1:00 so they could bus other schools in the district and so we had to leave before the show was over. Can I just tell you that when that happened I felt like crying, just like my kids! What a crummy thing! Of course we were grateful to be able to go at all, since we never seem to go do cool things like that. Next time though, I think I'll stick with Barnams!

Here is Alex on the bus. He was pretty excited to be able to ride on one, since he has only done it one other time and was too tiny to remember it. He fell asleep on Jacob's sub on the way home which was pretty funny.

A horrible, yet loved picture of me and Alex on the bus. As you can tell, I have a lot to learn about our new camera!

A view of the setup before the show. Jacob was disappointed that he wasn't able to see the motorcycles go around in the cage of death. (the last act)

Alex to my left...

Jacob to my right...

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