Feb 22, 2010

Martian Death Flu

As I am typing this, Alex is in the next room coughing, Carl is coughing laying next to me and I just got done coughing. "The Martian Death Flu" has come to live with us and I just wish it would go away! Alex has been sick since LAST Thursday. Yes, that would be 12 days now! He got a cold from one of his many sources and it turned into a sinus infection and bronchitis.  So now he is on antibiotics. Carl went to the doctor today for what we thought was strep for all the pain it has been causing him. But, it turns out that it is just that same nasty cold, and his sore throat is from all the draining. (sorry, not a nice visual) So, now he is on a nasal spray. Jacob woke up the other morning with a nasty cough, but the cold must have decided he wasn't worth it and left thim that day. I have been hacking in the morning and evening, but my in between times are reletively cough-free which is a blessing because I get to take care of all the sickos! Here is to hoping this cold leaves soon and never comes back!

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J.W.Pace said...

It is time for everyone to get feeling better. You have been sick to long.

Grandpa Pace