Aug 1, 2008

Just Venting

Ok, we have lived at our new home for 8 months now. In this short time my stove has ruined not one, but two pairs of my shorts! Can I tell you how many respectable, public at large allowed to see pairs of shorts I have? Two. So, as logic would dictate, those are the two pairs of shorts that the stove would go after. So, now I have no shorts. I actually broke down and sobbed in utter frustration this morning over it. You see, it's the stupid handle. It has no cap on the end or anything, so if I walk too close to it, say I'm trying to slip past Carl like I was this morning, then it immediately grabs hold of me and tries to eat me! Oh well. Guess I should look at this as a good reason to go buy more shorts.


Mandy said...

I know exactly what you're talking about. The stove sticks out about 2 inches farther than it should. VERY frustrating!! Hopefully you don't get bruises to go along with the holes!

Wendy said...

Have you considered biting it back? Would that help? I wish I lived closer and I would mend them for you...!!

J.W.Pace said...

Wrap some duct tape around the end of the handle...Ha!

Sorry about your shorts. Have to get mom to look in DI for some more shorts for you.

Love Dad