Sep 2, 2008

First Day of School

First Day Hooray! We walked to school with our friend Lindsay and her daughter Mackenzie. Halfway there Alex decided that it was too long of a walk and needed a piggyback ride. I guess it is quite a walk though, 1 mile round trip. Eventually we'll get in the swing of it! No problems with leaving us though. He went right into line and chatted with the kid in front of him. Of course I think he was a little nervous since he told me that he loved me at least 10 times as we stood there. And how have we spent our exciting day? Going to the bank, the library and grocery shopping...woohoo! Thursday will be Jake!


Mandy said...

Yah! Congrats to Alex! I wanna hear all about his first day. I love the shirt...too funny! :)

J.W.Pace said...

Looks like Mr. Alex is ready to hit the road...ready for school.

Mom is free....good stuff.