Dec 15, 2008

You are getting sleeeeeeeeppy.....

Last night was Carl's Home Depot Christmas party. They held it outside the store this year, at The Summit in Canton. Very nice place! They had a buffet dinner for all the guests, and prize drawings for things like a Wii, flat screen TV, xbox 360 and other cool stuff. Of course we didn't win any of it cause that is our luck, but that is alright.

So, the highlight of the evening, in everyone's opinion I am sure, other then the winners of all the cool stuff, was the entertainment. The company hired a hypnotist.

Ah the power of suggestion. It's a huge thing isn't it? Well, combine that with pure relaxation and you don't have anything more entertaining! Because really, that is all that hypnosis is I found out. In the beginning he had us all do a group exercise where we relaxed our entire bodies. I have done this before and I love doing it! So I was at a total blank, no worries, no stress, no anything. He had us memorize 25 things in sequential order. Took only a minute, but I can remember them still this morning. So, then he brings us back out of the relaxation and looks for volunteers to help him with the rest of the show. I had already told Carl that I would be volunteering, so up my hand shot.

He started with another gal first and poof, out she went, all slumped over in her chair. And I STILL wanted to do it! ha ha So, then he comes over to me. Now, remember, this is in a swanky banquet room, with almost every Canton Home Depot employee and their spouse/significant other. So here he comes up, talks to me for a second, and then places his hand on my forehead. Boom, there goes Chris! I can remember all of it now this morning and it is just hilarious. I have a feeling that it must be like getting drunk. I was doing ridiculous things, I knew I was doing them, I could hear everyone laughing at me, and at times, I laughed as well, yet I had no inclination to stop. I was totally free of all embarrassment!

So. there were 10 of us I believe in the grand finale at the front of the room. During the show I drove my car to the beach as my teenage self, put suntan lotion on my neighbors back while my other neighbor put it on my butt, fended off bees, put poo on my face danced like a ballerina and danced to an Elvis song. There were other things a well, like when I got "pulled over" by a policeman and was asked why I was speeding. My answer? "Eric was talking to loud." Yep...By the way, Eric was a fabulous friend I had in highschool. Just in case you were wondering who he was like the people at our table did. ha ha, I guess they were hoping for some secret lover to surface!!

So, I did leave having had an experience, which is why I wanted to go to the party in the first place. So, my parting words...Hypnosis is real, so make sure you go under with a reputable hypnotist! Oh, an don't go into a hypnotic stupor in a puddle of spilled drink on the floor like I did. Then it just makes you look like you were too relaxed...


Mandy said...


J.W.Pace said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun with all the hypnotist thing.
Next time watch those drink puddles...Ha!

What did Carl think about all the funny stuff?

Glad you had a great time love mom and dad

JaredandJaclyn said...

I have been to a few hypnotic shows and they are so funny. I have tried to be hypnotized and it doesn't work for me. Glad you made a fool of yourself! I am sure the audience enjoyed it.