Aug 21, 2009

Pump success!!

We are official pumpers as of yesterday! This is a photo of Jacob with his pump and his very last shot (unless something goes iffy or his pump breaks *gasp*) that we took yesterday morning before his last class. Things are going really well, in fact it seems too well to be expected. Our nurse we called today was pretty amazed. He was prepared to be doing some serious tweeking of the numbers and no change was needed. So, we will see how it goes and how long our luck lasts! ha So, wish us luck!

All in all this is pretty fun and a lot less stressful that at least I thought it was going to be. Plus, Carl came up with a fabulous alternative to combo bolusing for the pizza we had for dinner last night so that has made it even easier for us! (combo bolusing is a bit confusing for us right now and even more confusing for you I am sure) We will keep you updated on any new interesting pumping action!

1 comment:

J.W.Pace said...

Excellent!!! Happy to hear that the pump is working well.
Jacob good luck on your new pump.
Love Grandma & Grandpa Pace