Sep 18, 2009

Family History

Lately I have felt the urge to get moving on Carl's genealogy. My fabulous father has taken our lines by storm, and I have no idea where to start with that, but Carl's is a clean slate just waiting to be done! I have been spending the past two days with his mom looking through family albums and the oldest suitcase of all time! I have been having a blast with this, and have already made a huge discovery! Carl's maternal grandmother had a brother named Charles. Not sounding to thrilling? Well it is, considering the fact that neither Carl nor his mother or uncle knew about it! I owe this knowledge to the indexing system being put in place by the LDS church. They have begun scanning in all the records that could previously only be found on films and paper, digitally on-line so that anyone can search through them. Above is the 1920 Negaunee, MI census where we made our discovery. Carl's grandmother Loretta Connors was 5 at the time. This is really just so exciting to be doing finally! We are already 5 generations back and we have only begun. I just hope that I don't lose my momentum!!

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J.W.Pace said...

Great job is proud of you.
This only a start. You will find a bunch more of things not known. That is what is fun about genealogy.

Let me know if you need any help. Now get into or You will even find more information. They are both LDS sites.

gt your PAF program set up so you can keep track of things.
Love Dad