Nov 7, 2009

All about Jacob

Jacob turned ten on the 4th of November! Double Digits as everyone at his school keeps telling him. He is very excited to be growing up and all Carl and I want him to do is be tiny forever!

The picture is from Jacob's school soccer team. Let me tell you that this was great fun! He was only able to go for half the practices due to some interesting incidents on various Thursdays, one being a pillow fight gone wrong which left Carl with a swollen eye (a post for another day) and the flu being another.  When he did get to go, it was great fun. The best way I can describe it is this....picture 30-50 Autistic children, ranging from mild to severe, 9 years to teen, each with their own soccer ball...and GO!  Great fun, I can tell you!! This was just a trial run to gauge intrest, and will be starting up again in the spring. Next up for Jacob, the Knightriders basketball team. This is for boys at this school ages nine to 14 I believe who are too young for the varsity team, but still have a desire to play. We are very excited!  Here are some more pictures from soccer for your enjoyment!

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Mandy said...

Jacob - you rock!!