Mar 6, 2008


Ha ha ha. I cannot stop laughing!! My parents sent us a package in the mail and it JUST came. My mom likes to fill in every last nook and cranny for her buck, so she usually includes some snacks for the boys, or tiny doodads of some sort. Today, she sent me this:

I have NEVER seen this product!! Not SPAM of course, which I adore beyond reason all fried up and crispy, but a single serving package of SPAM!! My mother really does love me! ha ha No seriously though, isn't this the silliest thing!? I love it! Now I can have myself a lovely fried spam sandwich for dinner and give the boys the easy mac she sent for them! Thanks Mom!

1 comment:

Jennjess said...

A Spam salad?? I've never tried that one, kinda defeats the purpose of eating spam doesn't it? *L* Enjoy....