Mar 15, 2008

Important Fire Safety Information

I really appreciate Carl's sister Jenn for bringing this to my attention. This video demonstrates how our children, some even teenagers, do not hear the smoke alarms when they are sleeping. This is something you can be sure I will be testing in the next few nights. I had no idea, although I should have known this all along. My children could sleep through a hurricane! The report also states that there are new alarms coming on to the market that you can program with your own voice. I will post when I find more information on this.


Missy said...

Christina, when Trinity was just a baby the smoke alarm right outside her door went off, and she never woke up. You know how unsoundproof westwick is. I was sure she had to be dead to not wake up. She slept through the one going off in her room once too. Scary stuff.

Jennjess said...

Wow that Jenn sounds like a smart lady... *LOL* This is seriously very useful and scary information, pass it along to EVERYONE you know, parents or not.