Feb 13, 2009

Pinewood Derby...the second attempt.

Wow, first of all, what I loser have I been in the blogging community as of late. I haven't even checked other peoples blogs in weeks, which used to be my favorite way to start the day! Oh well, here is my chance for redemption!

Jacob's Pinewood Derby was two Wednesdays ago. As most of you will remember, "Speedy", his last car, was not so...well...speedy. This year I am afraid to say was a total flop as well. Jacob, Carl and I are just not made out for racing! Jacob is the designer, and we are the elbow grease for the most part. We got some tips for the next time, but we were dead last this time. Every race he was last. Not a happy camper. At one point, he again had come in last, but the winner of that heat was Jacob! Jacob H. that is, not Jacob B.. But, they got him to believe that it was him anyway, just so he wouldn't be so sad and disappointed. Poor guy!

The start of the race! Jacob's is the "Silver Bullet" on the left. The one that looks like a rounded off chunk of wood? Yeah, that's the one.

Jacob losing the race. This is how they all went. Do you see the blur next to the Asian kids face? Yeah, that is our car. Oh the trauma that is Pinewood Derby!

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