Sep 20, 2011

Camping Horrors

We went camping on Wednesday, a day later than we had planned and boy howdy, was it cold! We went up to Hayes State park in Irish Hills, which is just beautiful by the way, and had a great drive up. We took some photos, saw some deer, went on a nature walk and started a fire. Then it rained. And rained. And rained some more. It started about 5:30, just are we were roasting our weenies and didn't end until about 11pm. That wouldn't have been bad, except the temperature plunged down into the low 40's high 30's overnight. Despite the huddling, the extra blankets and the jammies, we were all popsicles by the time dawn came. Did I mention that Carl was sniffling and fighting a sore throat this whole time? So we did what any sensible American would do. We went out to breakfast, warmed up and packed to go. We were home by noon and we regret nothing! Here are some of the shots we got during our short trip.

 These deer were only about 10 feet from us. So beautiful!
 You should be able to click on these to make them bigger. If you do, you may notice that these enormous birds are indeed vultures. They were rright above us in the abandoned twin towers as we shot our new blog family photo. They were enormous! You could hear them walking around on the railing 50 ft. over our heads. Added nicely to the creepiness of the building.
 This trail was behind our campsite. Made for a great nature walk!
 Some fungi growing on a log.
This was the little screened in space in front of our tent . By the time morning came, it was full of water.

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