Sep 11, 2011

Vacation Adventures!

Today we went to the Henry Ford Village as part one of our vacation. Carl is off work for the next 8 days so we are making the most of it by going and doing something each day. Especially since we helped his Aunt move yesterday, the first day of his vacation and we are helping again tomorrow. Today there was a classic car show. It was one of the neatest I have been to because all of the cars were pre-1940. There were wooden motorcycles, old bicycles and this cool car which was my personal favorite!
 Alex took that shot with his new camera, along with this one of a "huge" turtle that was in one of the ponds. He thought it was funny that he caught a picture of the turtle and a hot girl at the same time. A fabulous mix of the child he still is and the man he is trying to become!

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