Oct 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Alex!

Alex's birthday was on the 4th. So, since Carl had to work on Saturday, we had his party on Sunday. Alex had a great time, of course, and so did everyone else (I hope!). Not too much time to go into the details right now, but I thought I would post some photos. Above is Alex's cake. The figure next to his name at the bottom is Darth Vader as done by Dad.

Blurry, but only shot of Alex getting his long desired Pokemon book. It has every Pokemon in it!

These must be painful balloons!

The new skateboard that I am sure I will regret getting sooner or later.

Admiring his flaming cake.


Mandy said...

Happy Birthday Alex!
hehe...sorry about the blurry pic-I'm surprised it turned out at all...he was jumping around so much! His favorite present for sure! :)

J.W.Pace said...

Happy Birthday Alex, from Gandma & Grandpa Pace.

It looks like you had a very special Birthday.

We are very happy for you.

Missy said...

what did you use for the light sabers? Looks fun. You will probably regret the skateboard sooner rather than later!

Kenn and Natalie said...

Great job on the cake! My boys are way into star wars these days...what boy isn't? Love the pictures.

kiki said...

Love the cake

Christina said...

The light sabers were made out of sugar and food coloring.

Jennjess said...

You guy's and your sugar cakes, wow!! Thats alot of sugar! I'm getting a headache just looking at it all, also wondering where my piece is? Been waiting for it to come in the mail.... :)