Oct 11, 2008

Our Weekend of Long Missed Friends

Elder Robins, Carl and Elder Tamms

Today I was invited over to the Williams's to participate in a Missionary discussion with our ward's newest member. The boys and I walked over, leaving Carl at home since he had only a short time before he had to head off to work. I walked in not really paying attention to anything but getting the pitcher I was bringing back to the kitchen when I heard the missionaries say something about me not being very observant. "Well, what did I miss?" I thought as I turned around. Nothing I could see, but then again I heard, "Well, she'll notice eventually." Now I was really perplexed...what had I missed?! As I peeked over at the half wall to confront the missionaries, I saw none other than Elder Tams! Hooray! I have a big soft spot for this young man. I tell you, I honestly wept huge tears when he got transfered over 7 months ago. I can't tell you how excited I was to see him in the flesh again! It was also a wonderful thing since I had lost track of his address a few moths back and had no idea where he had been transfered to. So, of course I phoned Carl right away and told him to get his keister over to Lindsey's fast. He was really happy to see Tams again as well. What a blessing!

Now the weekend gets even better because Elder Robins is coming for a visit with his parents tomorrow. He finished his mission on Wednesday and has been traveling the greater Metro-Detroit area visiting all the families he has been with over the past 2 years. We are the last stop on the Robin's express and are so excited to see him tomorrow. I am expecially excited to visit his mother that I have been in contact with since Carl was baptised. So, our weekend is a joyous one, with lots of memories and happiness.


Jennjess said...

Not to sound stupid, but what is an Elder?? Is Bub, I mean Carl (whoops!) going to be one some day? I must say my brother look's very handsome in white:)

Christina said...

We call Missionaries Elder. Your brother got too old and too married for any of that, but we do hope to be able to go on a couple mission when we are older and the kids are off being independent.

Wendy said...

We LOVED the visit with the Bellanger Family, thanks for letting us come by! Glad to finally meet you!!! Tell everyone hello, and check "Elder" out of facebook!!!

J.W.Pace said...

Glad you had a special week end with your old friends. The missionaries that baptised Carl will always be special for you both.

Love dad & mom