Oct 31, 2008

New Freezer

Hooray!! New freezer for me! I am so excited, and I think that is a little sad! ha ha But, either way, we have one now and I am well pleased.

We got it from Home Depot (of course). We had Carl's folks drive us to go get it with their Durango. Well, we got out to the depot, only to find out that they were all out of the particular size we wanted (7.2 cubic feet)! Ugh, so I drug my in-laws to the South Canton store where they did have one. Carl suggested we wait, but I know us, and we needed to get it while the money was in our grubby fists because we have "waited" for about a year now! So here it is, waiting to be filled with deliciousness. Now all I need to do is head to the grocery store!

A view through our food storage shelves

THis picture will just not cooperate, but this is the inside.

This is a picture of the whole set-up. We bought a new shelf while we were there as well, so now we have created out own mini-grocery store! Of course our shelves are a bit bare, but it won't be that way for long!


kristi said...

That looks great!!!

Jennjess said...

I have a HUGE one in my garage that I bought from a friend here, bigger than mom & dad's but pretty old. The only thing in there is all my alcohol! *LOL* It's like my safe.... Whenever I want a cold one I just run out to the garage. And I have become a pro at making Amaretto Stone Sours, it was a big hit at our last bonfire....

J.W.Pace said...

Very nice!!

Now to find the money to buy the food to put in the freezer and put on the shelf's. It will happen over time.

Now you can work on your year's supply over time.

Love mom & dad

If you had 90 days would be great.