Oct 31, 2008

New Freezer

Hooray!! New freezer for me! I am so excited, and I think that is a little sad! ha ha But, either way, we have one now and I am well pleased.

We got it from Home Depot (of course). We had Carl's folks drive us to go get it with their Durango. Well, we got out to the depot, only to find out that they were all out of the particular size we wanted (7.2 cubic feet)! Ugh, so I drug my in-laws to the South Canton store where they did have one. Carl suggested we wait, but I know us, and we needed to get it while the money was in our grubby fists because we have "waited" for about a year now! So here it is, waiting to be filled with deliciousness. Now all I need to do is head to the grocery store!

A view through our food storage shelves

THis picture will just not cooperate, but this is the inside.

This is a picture of the whole set-up. We bought a new shelf while we were there as well, so now we have created out own mini-grocery store! Of course our shelves are a bit bare, but it won't be that way for long!

Oct 28, 2008

Halloween Party

Carl and I were invited to our first Halloween Party last Friday. We had a blast. It was at Francesca and Daniel's house. There were lots of friends from the ward all dressed up and everyone had a blast! Carl dressed as a "Chick Magnet" and I was French, although I was supposed to be a mime...white face makeup is not comfortable! Came off within minutes of my putting it on! I only added a few pictures on here, but Francesca's blog has a bunch. Also, seems that some of the photos are too big, so if you click on them you can see the whole image.

Our hosts Starsky and Hutch

Oooo-la-la, I am with the handsomest man here, no?

The Chick Magnet and his French babe encounter Joseph and Mary

Oct 23, 2008

Hooray, it is my month to shine baby!!!! Well, not really it seems since I have been so busy doing everything under the sun it seems. So today I have designated it, "Christina Day" where I will be doing at least SOME of the things I WANT to do today, instead of ALL the things I HAVE to do today. So there!!!

First item on the list, make cinnamon rolls for breakfast and enjoy them. (this was actually Carl's idea, and I thank him greatly for it!)

Second, update the poor blog with something...hence this whole odd rant...

Third, make curtains for Alex's room. I have been wanting to do this for a few weeks, but have just not made the time to do it.

Fourth, look through all of my fabric. yeah, to you non-sewers, this sounds a bit weird, but I want to take inventory for Christmas projects. Plus, I just LOVE fabric!!

Fifth, hang out with Lindsey and Carl and just be dumb!!!

So, there you go folks...my day is today and I am going to try to enjoy it! (That is before 3:00 when the kids all come home and then I have to take Carl to the doctor and make dinner and the Home teachers come over and etc... ha ha)

Oct 11, 2008

Our Weekend of Long Missed Friends

Elder Robins, Carl and Elder Tamms

Today I was invited over to the Williams's to participate in a Missionary discussion with our ward's newest member. The boys and I walked over, leaving Carl at home since he had only a short time before he had to head off to work. I walked in not really paying attention to anything but getting the pitcher I was bringing back to the kitchen when I heard the missionaries say something about me not being very observant. "Well, what did I miss?" I thought as I turned around. Nothing I could see, but then again I heard, "Well, she'll notice eventually." Now I was really perplexed...what had I missed?! As I peeked over at the half wall to confront the missionaries, I saw none other than Elder Tams! Hooray! I have a big soft spot for this young man. I tell you, I honestly wept huge tears when he got transfered over 7 months ago. I can't tell you how excited I was to see him in the flesh again! It was also a wonderful thing since I had lost track of his address a few moths back and had no idea where he had been transfered to. So, of course I phoned Carl right away and told him to get his keister over to Lindsey's fast. He was really happy to see Tams again as well. What a blessing!

Now the weekend gets even better because Elder Robins is coming for a visit with his parents tomorrow. He finished his mission on Wednesday and has been traveling the greater Metro-Detroit area visiting all the families he has been with over the past 2 years. We are the last stop on the Robin's express and are so excited to see him tomorrow. I am expecially excited to visit his mother that I have been in contact with since Carl was baptised. So, our weekend is a joyous one, with lots of memories and happiness.

Oct 10, 2008

Back to school!!

The strike is over, according to a judges ruling, so back to school we went today. It was supposed to be picture day, but the school figured that not too many people would be coming in for the one day since it is a Friday. So, they moved picture day to the 22nd. Since Alex was all done up with nothing to show for it, I decided to take some shots of him. I think they turned out pretty nice, even though it was pretty shady. But in truth, there are not too many places in this complex to take a photo where it doesn't look like you are standing next to a condo!


Oct 8, 2008

Day 3 of the STRIKE

Well folks, it has been three days since the Wayne-Westland teachers decided to strike. This has proved to be a good reminder of how much I love my alone time. Of course I won't be getting as much of that since Carl's work schedule has changed and he will be home after 8 am everyday now. But, I suppose the difference is that Carl doesn't require constant entertainment.

So, here we are. Alex did get to go to the dentist today without missing any class time so I suppose that was a bonus. No cavities, Hooray!! We spent the rest of our day window shopping to kill time and playing with homemade play-doh at the William's house. Who knows what we will do tomorrow!!

Oct 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Alex!

Alex's birthday was on the 4th. So, since Carl had to work on Saturday, we had his party on Sunday. Alex had a great time, of course, and so did everyone else (I hope!). Not too much time to go into the details right now, but I thought I would post some photos. Above is Alex's cake. The figure next to his name at the bottom is Darth Vader as done by Dad.

Blurry, but only shot of Alex getting his long desired Pokemon book. It has every Pokemon in it!

These must be painful balloons!

The new skateboard that I am sure I will regret getting sooner or later.

Admiring his flaming cake.