Dec 13, 2010

New ipad

I am being a total dork and writing this entire blog posting from our new ipad that Carl won at his holiday party at the depot last night! It is pretty sweet but a right huge pain to get online for the first time. I ended up shutting our entire Internet down this afternoon trying to change security settings! I am learning a lot on this though and am having a blast. The calendar on here alone is worth it to me! I am really grateful though that we were able to win this since I know that we would have never set aside the $500 to buy one ourselves. This also solves our kindle decision, since this works just as well if not better in that area :) Carl is not taking to it to well which makes me wonder if it is just cause it has been causing so much hullabaloo Internet wise or if he is just not a mac person. Personally I am loving this setup. Just seems to make more sense to me! So I guess it is all mac for me from now on! Plus I am loving typing without having to actually push down any keys. Makes me twice as fast and amusingly more accurate, ha ha

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