Jan 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

A very happy new year from us to you! One of my resolutions for this year is to do a blog a day. That will include humorous stories from the kids, news on our daily lives, photos and just general complaining I am sure. :)

I thought I would use this first day to wrap up our 2010 and our goals/plans for 2011.

Carl hit his 5 year anniversary for the Hope Depot this last year. He is team captain for several groups at the Depot. He also switched positions and is not the Opening Freight Team Department Head, but Department Head of the paint department. Yay Carl! This means he doesn't have to go in at 4 am each work day, but he does have a rotating schedule and that has been hard to get used to again.  Every Tuesday night, Carl is the Webelos Den leader for our ward. He has found a lot of enjoyment working with the boys on camping skills, athletics and communication.  He was sad to see Jake move up in November, but he still has a lot of great boys to work with.  Carl's goal for the new year is to go back to school to get his associates degree finished up. Good luck Carl, we know you can do it!

Christina was released from her Secretary of the Young Women calling at the end of 2010. Starting tomorrow she is the latest 12/13 year old Sunday School teacher. This is a great calling because it will allow her to still interact with the vast majority of her YW. In fact, there are no boys in this class till July, so it will be more like her own personal YW! :) Christina has also been working on Carl's family history and has made some huge finds. We are now back 4 to 5 generations, and believe us, that is huge! She is going to continue 2011 being a stay-at-home mom to Jacob and Alex. Her goals for this year also include going back to school for her bachelors in...well..something!

Jake entered 6th grade this 2010 at Burger School for Children with Autism. He has made new friends and has even met some cute girls! He is currently 5'4" which makes his mother wish he was still a dirty-faced tiny boy carrying around a fistful of pencils. Jacob has discovered that he really likes building and has taken a great interest in legos, previously only his brothers domain. He is also a budding author, writing his first short story, The Avatar Wars. He was on his schools basketball and soccer teams in 2010 and starting next week he will be heading back into basketball season. Jake has officially moved up in scouting and is now an 11 year old scout in Boy Scouts. No more cubs for him! Jake's goal for 2011 is to use his new video camera he got for Christmas to become a major film producer/director before the age of 12. Good luck Jake!

Alex (or Al or Bert, whichever you choose) became a 3rd grader this 2010. He also moved schools when his was closed due to budget issues. He has done well at Hoover and really enjoys going there. It has been difficult at times making new friends, but Alex is so friendly that he is winning them over one by one. Alex has spent the majority of his year obsessing over Pokemon. He has memorized all their evolves and attacks...I wish times tables were so interesting!  He has strengthened his love of reading and his favorites are Charlie Brown and the Magic Tree House series. He also loves Video games and can often be found trying to sneak a bit more time in on his DS or the 360. Alex's goals for the year are the same as every year...become a scientist and invent a machine that can take him into video games, cartoons, books and movies. (Imagine a holodeck on steroids) We know you can do it Al!

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You guys are awesome. I love the pictures! :)