Jan 16, 2011

Moving Delay

My Sister- in-law and her whole family were planning to move to Columbus yesterday. They packed up the truck, emptied the house as much as they could in one trip and off they went. Only they never made it any farther than I-94 and Merriman Rd.! The transmission on the truck went out right on the freeway. So, instead of the original plans, which were them driving down with my in-laws, doing the happy dance in their new living-room, all spending the night, then coming back up the next day to finish up last minute business, they got this instead: A pad lock to lock up the truck so nothing would get stolen, a tow truck to get the truck to the hotel they were being furnished with, small beds in the tiny hotel, and a dinner stipend generously given by the truck company of $22. Really? Who can feed a family of 4 at a restaurant for $22?! Barely can do that at McDonalds!
So Trey, our nephew, came to our house for dinner and to spend the night. Lauren, our niece, crashed at my in-laws and Mandy and Franchot got the tiny beds at the hotel! To make it worse, no one packed a day bag, since they were just going 3 hours then unloading. So no one had toiletries or pajamas. Luckily we are all family! ha
Today the truck company is sending a new truck and professional movers to move all their stuff from one truck to another, and then they can attempt to hit the road. That should be interesting in the middle of a hotel parking lot! Funnest part is the truck they got was not quite big enough, so now they have to do this all again next weekend. Sigh. Good luck guys, I hope that this day is the day for your happy dance!

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J.W.Pace said...

Moving is so much funnnnnnn