Jan 10, 2011

Texting Madness!

Every month I like to go through our wireless bill with a fine tooth comb. Our first cell phone experience was less that pleasant, with our first bill topping over $1,000.00, so we are especially careful now that everything we ordered is as it should be! As I was going through, I noticed something that was very humorous to me! Here is the back story...

About a year ago, Carl and I decided to get Jackie, Carl's mom, a line on our account. She had a pay-by-the-minute phone, but it was never on and we couldn't get a hold of her. We got her the same model as mine so I could teach her the ropes of texting and general usage. We didn't even ask her, just got it and hoped for the best. Now let me make this clear, my mother-in-law is no dummy! She's a great lady, super smart, really funny. But neither of us thought that she would take to texting. We figured that we could at least get her a message if it was an emergency, or she could call us if there was a car problem. We have since then been pleasantly surprised that she is a top notch texter and uses that ability to keep in touch with Carl's sister who lives out of state.

Now, back to the part that tickles me. I am a texting fiend in my opinion. I text Carl all the time at work, I have numerous friends and family members who I text as well. I average about 700 outbound texts a month, which works out to be about 23 texts a day on average. (all you teenagers like my nieces, mock me not, I know that is lame to you, but to a 30 year old mom, that is a lot!) So imagine my surprise when this month I open up my bill to see that my Mother-in-law has surpassed me with 871 out-bound texts to my 862! Now I know that is not a wide margin, but what is even better is that I received 595 texts and she got a whopping 873! No wonder my Father-in-law hates "the stupid thing"!! So I called her and congratulated her on her arrival into my level of crazy. I guess I am going to have to join in her circle of acquaintances if I hope to pass her up again! Love ya Mom, welcome to the crazy club!

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Mandy said...

aaaahahahaha! :)